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On May 9, 2011, the CBC reported on a harassment claim by a public servant employee for the federal government in Ottawa. The public servant has claimed she was wrongful dismissed due to the way the federal government handled her complaint. While the wrongful dismissal claim is currently under appeal before the Federal Court the story by the CBC focused on the public servant’s dissatisfaction with the handling of her complaint. According to the report, the employer took the position that after it had completed its investigation, and issued a reprimand to the manager responsible, there was nothing left for it to do.

Unhappiness with how employers handle complaints is unfortunately a common occurrence. What appears to an employee to be a serious situation may not capture the attention of their employer in the same way. This ends up leaving the employee extremely unsatisfied and unsure of their options. Such a result can produce stress and often, in both the public and private sectors, employees are so unsatisfied by how their complaints have been dealt with they will resign out of frustration. Another option, and one that most Lawyers would recommend, is to seek legal counsel to determine what your options are, and to find out whether resigning is in fact your best choice.

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