Kanata CA personal injury, family, and real estate law firm

If asked to describe a law firm one might say it’s a group of Lawyers and support staff working in an office. That is certainly true.

But a law firm is bigger than the sum of its parts.

Take Allan Snelling LLP. We are a community law firm. That means we provide a full range of legal services to meet the needs of the people and businesses of West Ottawa. We have eight Lawyers with diverse practices who team up with a dedicated staff of paralegals and law clerks.

Our clients unite the firm and provide our identity. Many come to us for assistance with the purchase of a home or to obtain a will (which every adult need’s, more so when you have kids…but that is for another day). Later they may retain us to assert their rights in a dispute. Perhaps they have been injured, are having difficulty with an insurer or with their employer. Still other clients seek our assistance to help their business thrive, through incorporation, financing or negotiation and drafting of agreements. All of these services are available at Allan Snelling LLP.

Hand in hand with our dedication to providing quality legal work is our commitment to knowing our clients. After an engagement is concluded we do not simply close the file and move on. We retain our knowledge of the client and their circumstances. So if in the future they are confronted with a personal or business situation, we are able to direct them to the Lawyer most suited to advise of their options and provide for their needs. It is a measure of our firm’s success that we have been trusted to provide legal services to many of our clients on an ongoing basis.

So, why work with a law firm?

Because a good law firm will ensure the collective experience and skills of its people are leveraged to the advantage of its clients.

As a client you should accept no less.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This publication is the second installment of our firm’s Legal Matters series, which answers a reader’s question every week.  If you have a general legal question that you would like to have addressed please send it via email to legalmatters@compellingcounsel.com