When Should You Start Estate Planning?

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When Should You Start Estate Planning?

Per Caring.com’s survey in 2020, nearly 30% of people believe that a will should be put in place before 35 years of age. People tend to spend more time planning outings and vacations than how their assets will be handled once they are gone. Estate planning may not be fun to think about but it is necessary. Without any type of planning in place, you have no choice how your belongings, assets, heirlooms, property or anything else gets distributed once you pass away. The biggest misconception about this type of planning is that it is only for the rich. Settling your affairs has an impact on your family and loved ones whether you have valuable art, a pricey home or a large stock portfolio.

You Need an Estate Planning Lawyer

There are many benefits when it comes to speaking with an estate planning attorney. A wills and estates lawyer Ottawa can explain all of the advantages that can save you and your family from the devastating consequences of not having an estate plan in place. This is especially true when it comes to your heirs. No one is promised a long life. That’s why you must do everything you can to protect your family, especially if you have young children by speaking with an estate planning lawyer.

An estate planning lawyer Ottawa can direct you in planning an estate or will so you have a plan in place for the unthinkable. Ensure that your kids are cared for after you’re gone in a manner that you approve. You can name guardians for your children if something happens to both parents. This is specifically for children under the age of 18. If you do not have a will in place, the courts will decide what happens to your kids. Make sure you know who will be raising your loved ones after you are gone.

It’s Recommended All Families Have Estate Planning in Place

An estate planning lawyer is prepared to assist people who want to protect their beneficiaries. Planning isn’t just for people of high net worth. Many families that are middle-class need to have a plan in place just in case something happens to the head of the family. Perhaps you have done well in regards to purchasing real estate or in the stock market. You want to be able to pass assets along to your heirs without any legal hassle. Do you have a second home? An estate planning lawyer can help you decide who you want to leave your property and real estate to once you pass away. After the fact, you won’t have the control to make sure your property goes to your beneficiaries.

The main aspect of estate planning is designating your heirs. An estate planning lawyer Kanata can direct you concerning every aspect of preparing an estate plan and will. Otherwise, your property and assets could be tied up in probate for years, things will get ugly, the courts will decide who gets assets, and fees are racked up. Do you want the courts to decide which family member is more responsible when they don’t even know your family? They have no idea who should or shouldn’t have access to cash either. You also cannot depend on courts to rule in favor of a surviving spouse. Hire an estate planning lawyer to ensure your family does not have to deal with any of the negative effects.

Eliminate Family Mishaps

You’ve heard the horror stories of families fighting over assets and money after a family member passes. This happens a lot when families are at war with one another. Perhaps a sibling believes they deserve more than their other siblings. Maybe one of your surviving heirs believes they should be in charge of it all including finances and asset distributions. Estate planning puts a stop to this type of squabbling, which tends to get very ugly in court. Your estate planning lawyer is ready to assist you before any trouble can begin.