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It is the basis upon we deal with others.  Particularly when taking financial risks: loaning money, acting as a guarantor, or investing.

If your trust is betrayed, you seek a remedy. You protect yourself from exploitation. You assert your rights.

If you are a  shareholder who has invested in a company in Ontario, your rights are protected by law.

What is protected?

Your reasonable expectations. You do not have to point to a formal agreement. You do not need to prove fraud or other wrongdoing. It does not matter if the company or those that run it have engaged in conduct that is itself unlawful.

It is enough to demonstrate that the company or its directors have unfairly disregarded your interests: whether it be a failure to share profits, a failure to repay money, or failure to keep you informed through required meetings and financial reporting. These are but a few examples of conduct which in law is called oppression.

Why assert your rights?

Remedy.  As a shareholder you can ask a court to fashion a remedy for oppressive conduct.   The scope is broad.  Remedies range from directing that proper corporate governance be observed, to requiring that shares be re-purchased for fair value, to ordering financial compensation.

Are you a shareholder whose expectations have not been met?

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