Our Ottawa and Kanata Lawyers

The dedicated lawyers at Allan Snelling LLP have decades of collective experience in delivering compelling legal representation and obtaining superior results for clients. We offer legal services in many different practice areas including personal injury law, family law, real estate law and business and employment law.

J. Robert Allan


With his 25 years of experience Robert’s approach is simple and direct: Get it done right and deliver value that exceeds the price of the service he offers. View J. Robert Allan's full profile here.

Paul Niebergall


Paul has been in general practice in Kanata and Ottawa for forty years with extensive experience in Quebec law, and Ontario business law, wills, and estates. View Paul Niebergall's full profile here.

Sarah Chung


Sarah is committed in providing the best service for her clients. She understands that personal and cultural values might be an important factor in identifying the client’s wishes and goals. View Sarah Chung's full profile here.

Patrick Snelling


Patrick has extensive experience as a civil litigator. His primary areas of practice are business disputes, personal injury, and insurance matters.  View Patrick Snelling's full profile here.

Charlene Kavanagh


Charlene practices in civil litigation, beginning her career almost 18 years ago. She has acted as counsel at many mediations, arbitrations and various levels of court.   View Charlene Kavanagh's full profile here.

Sam B. Ghawi


Sam practiced as a litigator and a corporate lawyer in the Middle East, mainly in Jordan and Qatar. Sam is now practicing in Ottawa as an associate lawyer with Allan Snelling LLP. View Sam B. Ghawi's full profile here.

John M. Connolly


John has considerable experience in all of Ontario’s trial and appeal courts, in the Federal Court and the Supreme Court of Canada.  View John M. Connolly's full profile here.

Vlado Hajtol


Vlado focuses his practice on real estate transactions, wills, estate planning and in the administration of estates in the Kanata area. View Vlado Hajtol's full profile here.

Jennifier Marinoff


Jennifier is a meticulous self-starter, Jennifier is an expert in resolving client issues and providing quality service.  View Jennifier Marinoff's full profile here.

Gil D. Rumstein


Gil has over 28 years of experience as a Family Law Lawyer and practices in all areas of family law. View Gil D. Rumstein's full profile here.

Jacquelynne Clark


Jacquelynne's developing practice focuses on civil litigation with an emphasis in family law in the greater Ottawa area.   View Jacquelynne Clark's full profile here.

Law Clerks and Support Staff


Sarah-Jane Biggs

Law Clerk

Law clerk and assistant to John M. Connolly and Patrick Snelling

(613) 270-8600 ext. 229

Susan King

Law Clerk

            Law clerk and assistant to           J. Robert Allan and Sam B. Ghawi

(613) 270-8600 ext. 230


Karin Nichols

Office Manager

(613) 270-8600 ext. 236




Laura Haller

Law Clerk

      Law clerk and assistant to        Vlado Hajtol

(613) 270-8600 ext. 234


Alexandra Bissonnette

Law Clerk

Law clerk and assistant to Jacquelynne Clark

(613) 270-8600 ext. 260


Kimberly Vaughan

Law Clerk

Law clerk and assistant to Charlene Kavanagh and Sarah Chung

(613) 270-8600 ext. 235

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