Employment Law Answers About COVID 19

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The recent global pandemic has left both employers and employees in a state of confusion when it comes to employment law. Fortunately, there are employment lawyers available who can help to ease some of the confusion.

An employment lawyer Ottawa business owners can rely on for the right answers is available to help you navigate any employment law changes. Learn more about employment law and COVID-19.

Frequently Asked Questions About Employment Law and COVID-19

Many employers are wondering the same things about how COVID-19 will affect how they do business. An employment lawyer Kanata businesses have discovered is one of the best resources to answer those questions.

Here are some of the answers to questions that you need that many employers have been asking:

  • Should I suspend business travel for my employees? The simple answer is yes. There is a global advisory in effect for travel. You can get more information from the Public Health Agency of Canada’s (PHAC) site. They post updates every day about COVID-19 travel advisories. Keeping your workforce safe is vital, and it always pays to operate with caution.
  • Can I request that employees have their temperature checked before entering the building? In Canada, a new hire can be required to go through a medical examination as part of a pre-employment testing process, but only to determine that individual’s ability to perform their job duties. It is not legal to request a current employee to go through a medical examination, however, as COVID-19 spreads, employers may be permitted to check temperatures for the sake of keeping the workplace safe for all employees.
  • Do I have to grant an employee’s request to wear PPE at work? The PHAC has released statements regarding wearing PPE, and their recommendation is that PPE is not necessary. It is at employers’ discretion whether they allow employees to wear PPE. Of course, if anyone is displaying symptoms they should wear PPE and they also should be at home. Check the PHAC website for current recommendations.
  • We have a large conference coming up, should we cancel? Many provinces already have a ban in place when it comes to the size of groups that can meet publicly, and it is sure that more provinces will place restrictions soon. For the time being it I a good idea to cancel large conferences.

Employment law in Canada is expected to undergo some changes to adjust and protect during this global pandemic. To ensure that you are following all the rules it is a good idea to have a team of trusted employment lawyers on your side.  NOTE: This information was current at the time of publication.  Please see our most recent blog posts for more current updates.