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Should I waive my right to a home inspection?

Should I wave my right to a home inspection? Vlado Hajtol Partner – Solicitor We placed an offer on a house, which was accepted by the sellers. The agreement is conditional upon a satisfactory home inspection. The house was built only a few years ago and we are considering waiving our right to a home…

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Happy Haloween!

This week RYAN asks: “I was in the pumpkin patch choosing a pumpkin for Halloween.  A zombie came up from behind and startled me.  I hit it with my shovel and it broke in two.  Can I get in trouble for this?” Well thank you for your question Ryan.  There is always some tough legal…

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Common Law Relationships 101

lawyers for common law relationships legal issues in Canada

Question: I have been living with my boyfriend for 18 months and we have no plans to get married.  At what point are we considered “common law” and what does that mean? What constitutes “common law” as most people use the term is highly dependent on circumstances.  In terms of the ownership of assets, a…

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Spousal Support Obligations

spousal support lawyers in Kanata

Q: My husband and I have been married for 15 years. For the past 5 years my husband has been at home taking care of our 7 year old son while I advanced my career. Upon our separation, what obligations might I have in the way of spousal support? Whether or not a person may be…

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Motor Vehicle Accidents & Limitation Periods:

personal and auto accident lawyer ottawa ca

I was injured in a car accident which was not my fault more than 3 years ago. I have just learned that as a result of my injuries I will need surgery and may never be able to work again. Before learning this from my doctor I had believed my injuries were not that serious…

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The Importance of Annual Minutes

Kanata CA personal injury, family, and real estate law firm

I have a corporation the shares of which are held only by me and members of my immediate family. Do I really need to have annual minutes? If your corporation is audited by the CRA and matters, such as the declaration of dividends, have not been formally documented by a written resolution of the directors…

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Partnerships: How do they work and how are they setup?

partnership legal advice in kanata ca

My friend and I have an idea for a business and we are considering forming a partnership. How does a partnership work and how should one be setup? Whether or not a partnership exists is a fundamentally a legal question. Ontario’s Partnerships Act says that a relationship between “persons carrying on a business in common…

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