Do you need a Lawyer to review your commercial lease?

Ottawa CA business Lawyers

I run a small business and I am currently in the process of looking for commercial space. Do I need a Lawyer to review the lease? J. Robert Allan Partner – Solicitor A commercial lease is a complex legal document. In addition to the usual but important commercial provisions such as the term of the…

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Ottawa Employment Lawyers | Duty to Accommodate & Frustration

Duty to accommodate – Where do employers draw the line? Justin A. Villeneuve Lawyer – Litigation Answer: Employers should do what they can to accommodate their employee’s disability, but there’s a line to be drawn between accommodation and frustration of the employment contract. If the contract is in fact “frustrated”, the employer can end the…

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Ottawa Employment Lawyers | Termination and Lawsuits

I was fired without cause. My employer has given me an offer. Should I take it? Justin A. Villeneuve Lawyer – Litigation Answer: Employers aren’t handcuffed to their employees. If they act in accordance with their statutory and common law obligations, employers are free to part ways with employees without cause. Typically, the employer is…

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Ottawa Personal Injury | Cyclist and Car Accidents

I was a cyclist involved in a car accident. What are my rights? Justin A. Villeneuve Lawyer – Litigation Answer: In short, the same as those of a driver or passenger. Liability may be handled differently, but the cyclist maintains a right to claim against the at-fault driver and seek benefits from the applicable insurer.…

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Ottawa Personal Injury | Car Accident and No Insurance

What if I or the other driver don’t have insurance? Justin A. Villeneuve Lawyer – Litigation Answer: Ontario’s auto insurers provide accident benefits and liability insurance. The accident benefits claim and the tort claim both work together toward covering your losses stemming from the accident. So, what happens when one of the parties involved doesn’t…

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Ottawa Personal Injury | How Lawyers Get Paid

What does “no fee unless you win” actually mean and how do most personal injury Lawyers get paid?   Answer: Taken literally and with knowledge of what goes into every account “no win, no fee” is a legitimate statement. That means: Yes, the Lawyer will not get a fee if you don’t receive compensation. However,…

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Ottawa Employment Lawyers | What is "Just Cause"?

Kanata CA personal injury, family, and real estate law firm

Last month local newspapers reported the case of a McDonald’s employee in Kanata who was dismissed after receiving poor performance reviews. The employee received more than $100,000.00 in court. Why? The short answer is that the judge in this case found that although the employee’s performance was not perfect the employer did not have “just…

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Cohabitation Agreements

cohabitation agreements kanata ca

I am in a serious, committed relationship and have been living with my partner for 5 years now. I am uncertain if we will ever marry because neither one of us really believe it’s something that we want. Friends of ours were asking us if we had ever thought about a cohabitation agreement given our…

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Happy Haloween!

This week RYAN asks: “I was in the pumpkin patch choosing a pumpkin for Halloween.  A zombie came up from behind and startled me.  I hit it with my shovel and it broke in two.  Can I get in trouble for this?” Well thank you for your question Ryan.  There is always some tough legal…

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