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West Carleton Secondary School – 2019 Commencement

Patrick Snelling / July 5, 2019
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Somatic Symptom Disorder – What it is and how can you prove it?

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Think About This Before Deciding to Co-own Property

This week we answer a question posed by one of our readers, L.L. We are buying our first home. The bank insists that we add my father as a co-owner of the home since in order to qualify for the mortgage amount that we need to include both incomes. The entire down payment is coming from our savings…

Incorporating an Existing Business

I am the sole proprietor of a profitable construction business that I want to expand. I’m nervous about the risk associated with the business and its expansion. Should I incorporate?   We would strongly recommend incorporation. Incorporation provides you with limited liability to protect your personal assets from creditors, and tax advantages that will help…

I don’t have a will and powers of attorney documents. Do I need to go to a lawyer to get it done or can I do it myself?

Your last will does not have to be drafted or signed by a lawyer. However, a will is a legal document that will determine who will have control of your estate and how it is going to be distributed. There are certain legal requirements that have to be met for the will to be valid. As such it is very…

Living Together: Have you thought about a cohabitation agreement?

Many couples today choose to live together in long-term and committed relationships without marrying. What some couples don’t understand is that the law treats married and unmarried, or common-law, spouses differently. It is important to understand  these differences and how they will affect a person’s rights to property, support payments or a partner’s estate. Some key things to remember:…

Legal Tips for Your Zombie Troubles

This week RYAN asks: “I was in the pumpkin patch choosing a pumpkin for Halloween.  A zombie came up from behind and startled me.  I hit it with my shovel and it broke in two.  Can I get in trouble for this?” Well thank you for your question Ryan.  There is always some tough legal…

Elections are coming! What do I need to know about my right to vote?

With Election Day across Ontario only days away, do you know your legal rights around voting? Ontario municipal elections are regulated by the Municipal Elections Act, 1996. Right To Vote:  In order to vote in the Ottawa election, you must be 18 years of age and a Canadian Citizen and you must have a residence…

I am planning to purchase my first home. Are there any tax incentives for first time home buyers?

As a first time home buyer you may be eligible to receive a partial refund of the Ontario Land Transfer Tax which is charged on real estate purchases. The First Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit and the Home Buyers’ Plan are federal programs that provide assistance. Land Transfer Tax (LTT) The Land Transfer Tax is paid to Ontario government…

Congratulations Sportfeasors!

  This year, Allan Snelling LLP played a great season of softball throughout many of Kanata and Stittsville’s baseball diamonds. Whether hitting home runs at Beaverbrook Park or catching pop-flies at the the Alexander Grove Diamond, the team was always enthusiastic and happy to engage with the community. See you next year!

Why Work With a Law Firm?

If asked to describe a law firm one might say it’s a group of lawyers and support staff working in an office. That is certainly true. But a law firm is bigger than the sum of its parts. Take Allan Snelling LLP. We are a community law firm. That means we provide a full range of legal services…

I've Never Used a Lawyer Before; What Should I Expect?

You should expect quite a lot. A lawyer is both a professional, licensed in Ontario by the Law Society of Upper Canada, and a business person. As a professional, a lawyer has a number of duties and obligations to you. Some of those duties include: Quality Work Your lawyer should be knowledgeable and professional and provide a…