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West Carleton Secondary School – 2019 Commencement

Patrick Snelling / July 5, 2019
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Somatic Symptom Disorder – What it is and how can you prove it?

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Switching Your Mortgage Lender: Do you need to use a lawyer?

BY: VLADO HAJTOL This week’s Reader asks: My mortgage is up for renewal this summer. I will more than likely switch to a different lender. Would I need to use a lawyer to finalize my new mortgage? While some banks and mortgage companies require that their clients retain a lawyer to finalize their mortgage refinancing transaction, it is…

Selling Your House: When Do You Need To Contact a Lawyer?

BY: VLADO HAJTOL This week’s Reader asks: I am selling my house, which I’ve owned for the last 15 years. When do I need to contact a lawyer and what is the legal process of the sale transaction? You should contact a lawyer as soon as you accept an offer for purchase of your home to give…

No Obligation Real Estate Seminar – May 2nd

Are you planning on buying or selling your home this spring or summer? We would like to invite you to our real estate seminar for local residents on Saturday, May 2nd, from 10am to 11am, at our offices located at 340 March Road, Kanata. Some of the topics covered in the seminar will be: 1. The lawyer’s role in…

What Are Your Obligations When Selling Your House?

BY: VLADO HAJTOL This week’s Reader asks: I am buying a house. The house is about 27 years old. Does the seller have any obligation to disclose any problems with the house? In general, there are limited obligations for the seller to disclose any problems with the property to interested buyers. Further, the sellers are not required to…

Financial Disclosure for Separating Spouses

BY: RACHEL LECK If you have made the decision to separate from your spouse, some of the most difficult issues to resolve can be related to money. Full financial disclosure between the spouses is critical, so that each person has a clear picture the finances on the date of separation and the date of marriage.…

Home Renovations: Should You Have a Contract?

BY: PATRICK SNELLING Thinking of a renovation project?  There is a lot to think about.  One thing to consider is what type of agreement you require with the contractors. For various reasons some people decide to have a “handshake agreement” as a basis to deal with a contractor.  Others have lawyers prepare comprehensive written contracts. …

Do You Need a Home Inspection?

BY: VLADO HAJTOL This week’s Reader asks: I might be making an offer on a house early next week. I was wondering whether I have to get a home inspection done. Is there a warranty that I can rely on when buying a home? In general there are no warranties that a purchaser can rely on when buying…

When Can My Insurer Review My Entitlements to Disability Benefits?

BY: WILLIAM PARKER This week’s Reader asks: I have a chronic medical condition which unfortunately has become worse over time. For the last two years I have been receiving benefits through my employer’s disability insurance plan. Recently, the insurer wrote to advise me that the terms of the policy have changed and that they now require additional medical…

Creditor-Proofing a Small Business Corporation

BY: ROBERT ALLAN This week’s reader asks: My husband and I are the sole shareholders and directors of an incorporated retail business. We have been quite successful and are generating cash excess to business requirements. We do not want to pay the cash out to ourselves now, and pay high rates of tax, but at…

Injured On the Job: Workplace Insurance vs. My Right to Sue

BY: PATRICK SNELLING This week’s reader asks: I was injured in a car accident while driving to drop off a package for my employer—I almost never drive as part of my job.  I work in an office as a clerk.  The other driver was charged.  Now I am off work and need physiotherapy.  My doctor…

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