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West Carleton Secondary School – 2019 Commencement

Patrick Snelling / July 5, 2019
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Somatic Symptom Disorder – What it is and how can you prove it?

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Shareholders Agreements: Why They Might Be for You

My business partner and I are the shareholders of our incorporated restaurant. Everything is going well between us but we’ve been told that we should have a shareholders agreement for our corporation. What is a shareholders agreement and why do we need one? A shareholders agreement is a contract between two or more shareholders of a corporation that…

The Litigation Guardian

“I recently learned that my elderly Aunt is a victim of Fraud. The police have advised me that some victims of the fraud are considering a lawsuit and that someone may wish to speak to a lawyer on my Aunt’s behalf. My Aunt suffers from dementia and I hold Power of Attorney. Can my Aunt…

Internships and Employment Law

I own a small events and promotions business. Every so often I get emails from students asking if they could volunteer to learn about the business. I’ve never hired a student because they’re inexperienced but I’m considering hiring one as an intern this summer. I don’t have the budget for a full time employee but…

Understanding Child Support Obligations for Separating Parents

BY: RACHEL LECK Parents going through a relationship breakdown have the additional great concern about what happens with the kids. The “best interests” of the child are paramount and must be the primary concern when sorting out the details of a separation. Every parent has a child support obligation based on their income, the number…

Purchasing a Business: Asset Purchases and Liability

BY: ROBERT ALLAN This week’s Reader asks: I am negotiating to purchase a business and my business advisor has strongly suggested I structure the deal as an “asset purchase”. Why is this preferable? There are two principal ways to structure the agreement of purchase and sale of a business:as an asset purchase or as a…

What is a condominium status certificate and why would you need one?

BY: VLADO HAJTOL This week’s Reader asks: My husband and I are home owners and we are thinking about downsizing to a condominium. Our real estate agent has told us we have to order a status certificate for the condo and get it reviewed by a lawyer. What is a status certificate and why do…

Slovak Lawyer in Canada / Slovenský Právnik v Kanade

BY: VLADO HAJTOL  I was born and raised in Slovakia and I am a native Slovak speaker. If you live in Slovakia and are in need of legal services in Canada, such as estate assistance, real-estate purchases or sales, or business law in Canada, I would be more than happy to assist you. Also, if…

An Evolution In Cycling Law

BY: WILLIAM PARKER Our clients sometimes ask about how the law evolves over time. As summer approaches, a recent case demonstrates how new legal cases may affect a pastime enjoyed by many in the Ottawa area: cycling. The case of Kempf v. Nguyen was recently heard at the Ontario Court of Appeal. Unfortunately, the lawsuit was the…

First Time Home Owners: What are the tax benefits?

BY: VLADO HAJTOL This week’s Reader asks: I noticed a lot of houses are going to up for sale at this time of year and my spouse and I are interested in possibly purchasing a home. Are there any tax incentives available to first time home buyers? If you are a first time home buyer you may be…

Switching Jobs: Can I Work For a Competitor?

BY: WILLIAM PARKER This week’s Reader asks: I’ve worked for the same small software company for 10 years and unfortunately my relationship with my boss has gotten worse over time. A friend of mine told me that his employer is hiring and that he could get me a job with them doing the same work. I really want…

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