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When Is It Time to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

seoanalytics / December 10, 2019
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West Carleton Secondary School – 2019 Commencement

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Brain Injury Association | Kanata Community Involvement

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Employer’s Resource | Are contracts necessary?

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Somatic Symptom Disorder – What it is and how can you prove it?

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Partnerships: How do they work and how are they setup?

My friend and I have an idea for a business and we are considering forming a partnership. How does a partnership work and how should one be setup? Whether or not a partnership exists is a fundamentally a legal question. Ontario’s Partnerships Act says that a relationship between “persons carrying on a business in common…

Short-Term Disability Insurance: What should you do when a claim is denied?

Question: I have been off work since May 2016 and have been trying to obtain short-term disability insurance since then. My doctor has provided me with three sick notes since then and at our last appointment she told me not to work. However, my application for short-term disability insurance has been denied. I’ve given the…

Small Businesses: Is it worth it to have a Lawyer review small contracts?

I run a small business and I have several small contracts that I am currently in the process of negotiating. Are these worth bringing to a lawyer for review? Depending on the type of contract, there are a number of areas a lawyer’s expertise can provide guidance, including contracts relating to employment or contractor relationships,…

Sole Proprietorship v Incorporation

I want to become an entrepreneur and start a business. Should I incorporate now, or start as a sole proprietorship and delay incorporation to a later date? The advisability of incorporation is dependent on the particular facts and personal preferences of the entrepreneur. The role of the lawyer and other professional advisors is to help…

Shareholders Agreements: What are they and why do you need one?

My business partner and I are the shareholders of our incorporated restaurant. Everything is going well between us but we’ve be told that we should have a shareholders agreement for our corporation. What is a shareholders agreement and why do we need one? A shareholders agreement is a contract between two or more shareholders of…

Support of Step-Children

My wife and I are separating after 7 years of marriage. Will I have to pay child support for my two step-children? The simple answer is “possibly”. In determining whether or not a step-parent will be required to pay support, there are several factors that merit consideration. The courts have determined that the test of…

De-Criminalization and the Law

What Does De-Criminalization Mean? A good question. It is not a legal term. It is a political phrase which is at best ambiguous, and perhaps dangerous in so far as it invites assumptions which are not accurate. We have all heard the term used in the context of a debate currently in vogue with the coming federal election. If…

Joint Tenancy v Tenancy in Common

We are buying our first home. The bank insists that we add my father as a co-owner of the home in order to qualify for the mortgage amount we need. The entire down payment is coming from our savings and we will be making all the mortgage payments. I would rather not include my father…

Capacity: How is it determined, and who can represent someone who lacks capacity?

“I recently learned that my elderly Aunt is a victim of Fraud. The police have advised me that some victims of the fraud are considering a lawsuit and that someone may wish to speak to a lawyer on my Aunt’s behalf. My Aunt suffers from dementia and I hold Power of Attorney. Can my Aunt…

Dividend Sprinkling Shares

My neighbor tells me that he pays his adult children out of his business corporation to fund their costs and expenses while they attend university, and saves a lot on tax compared to what he would pay if he personally funded their expenses. How do I set up my business corporation to do this? The…

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