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Employment Law Answers About COVID 19

Compelling Counsel / April 6, 2020

When Should You Start Estate Planning?

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Do I Need Personal Injury Attorneys For A Car Accident?

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7 Mistakes People Make After an Accident

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Post-Collision Mental Health – The Treatment Hurdle

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Shareholder Rights

Trust It is the basis upon we deal with others.  Particularly when taking financial risks: loaning money, acting as a guarantor, or investing. If your trust is betrayed, you seek a remedy. You protect yourself from exploitation. You assert your rights. If you are a  shareholder who has invested in a company in Ontario, your…

HST and Legal Services

On July 1st the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) will take effect. It will have an impact on the cost of legal representation for clients of all Ottawa Business Lawyers, Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers and Ottawa Estate Lawyers. However the impact of the HST will not be uniform for all clients and all claims. Most clients…

Workplace Harassment and Violence Legislation

Connolly, Nichols, Allan & Snelling LLP is an Ottawa, Ontario based law firm that provides advice with respect to legal matters affecting employers and employees. Amendments to the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (the “OHSA”) to address workplace harassment and violence passed by the Government of Ontario in December, 2009 are in effect as…

Check Out Our New Look!

Connolly Nichols Allan & Snelling LLP has a new look.   The firm is proud to introduce our new website which may be found at: We also feature this blog which will provide regular posts which will touch on issues we think are of interest to our clients. Please take a few minutes to explore…

When is it Too Late to Seek Compensation?

The Ottawa injury Lawyers at Connolly Nichols Allan & Snelling LLP routinely advise clients who wish to assert their rights against parties who have caused physical or financial injuries.  As a general proposition injury Lawyers, Ottawa and more particularly Ontario based, must have a solid understanding of the law of limitations.  In Ontario the law…

Asserting a Compensation Claim Against Advisors

An article on CBC’s website reports that complaints are up significantly this year with respect to banking and investment.  As Business Lawyers, Ottawa based, we at  Connolly Nichols Allan & Snelling LLP view this article as confirming what we have experienced in the past year:  Many people are suffering financial injuries owing to the conduct of …

Estate Lawyers Ottawa Planning – Multiple Wills

Probate fees in Ontario are calculated at the rate of 1.5% of the value of the estate in excess of $50,000 (the first $50,000 attracts fees of 1%). On an estate of $3,000,000, the probate fees will be about $45,000. This is not an insubstantial burden, particularly if the value of the estate is further…

Changes to Accident Benefits of Concern to Ottawa Injury Lawyers

On September 1st 2010 the law respecting entitlement to Accident Benefits in Ontario is changing.  As a result, many who do not have enhanced optional Accident Benefits coverage will see their entitlement to benefits slashed dramatically.  Experienced personal injury Lawyers, Ottawa based counsel at Connolly Nichols Allan &  Snelling LLP know that the effect of…

The Oppression Remedy

A recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision is a good example of how the courts can grant relief to minority shareholders of a family business where there has been unfair conduct denying reasonable expectations. The relevant facts of Tannenbaum v. Tanjo Investments Ltd. are quite simple.  There were seven shareholders in a family business.  One shareholder…


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