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Employment Law Answers About COVID 19

Compelling Counsel / April 6, 2020

When Should You Start Estate Planning?

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Do I Need Personal Injury Attorneys For A Car Accident?

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7 Mistakes People Make After an Accident

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Post-Collision Mental Health – The Treatment Hurdle

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I am planning to purchase my first home. Are there any tax incentives for first time home buyers?

As a first time home buyer you may be eligible to receive a partial refund of the Ontario Land Transfer Tax which is charged on real estate purchases. The First Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit and the Home Buyers’ Plan are federal programs that provide assistance. Land Transfer Tax (LTT) The Land Transfer Tax is paid to Ontario government…

Congratulations Sportfeasors!

  This year, Allan Snelling LLP played a great season of softball throughout many of Kanata and Stittsville’s baseball diamonds. Whether hitting home runs at Beaverbrook Park or catching pop-flies at the the Alexander Grove Diamond, the team was always enthusiastic and happy to engage with the community. See you next year!

Why Work With a Law Firm?

If asked to describe a law firm one might say it’s a group of Lawyers and support staff working in an office. That is certainly true. But a law firm is bigger than the sum of its parts. Take Allan Snelling LLP. We are a community law firm. That means we provide a full range of legal services…

I've Never Used a Lawyer Before; What Should I Expect?

You should expect quite a lot. A Lawyer is both a professional, licensed in Ontario by the Law Society of Upper Canada, and a business person. As a professional, a Lawyer has a number of duties and obligations to you. Some of those duties include: Quality Work Your Lawyer should be knowledgeable and professional and provide a…

Update on Constructive Dismissal

In March the Ontario Court of Appeal released a brief decision on an employee’s obligations when they have been constructively dismissed by their employer. In the case of Farwell v. Citair, Inc. (General Coach Canada), 2014 ONCA 177 it was established that an employee was constructively dismissed when his position was modified during a restructuring. The…

Partnering: Strategic Considerations

Partnering relationships are contractual relationships between two or more parties that are strategic and have inherently unpredictable and indefinable outcomes. The strategic nature of the partnering relationship underscores the importance of the relationship to the contracting parties. Each party’s long term performance may be materially affected by the outcome of the relationship. The lack of…

Change to Employment Agreement Extends Limitation Period

The standard limitation period for claims in Ontario is two years. If an individual or business is considering a lawsuit they are always well advised to consult a Lawyer as early as possible to determine when the two year limitation period begins and when it ends. The recent Ontario Court of Appeal case, Ali v.…

First Ontario Court Decision Awarding Human Rights Damages

In 2008 changes to the Ontario Human Rights Code came into effect allowing Ontario’s courts to award damages for infringements of the Code. Prior to these amendments such damages could only be awarded by the Human Rights Tribunal. In Ontario a claim in court still may not be commenced solely on the basis of a breach of…

Court Allows Forfeiture of Executive Compensation

In a recent case, Levinsky v. The Toronto-Dominion Bank 2013 ONSC 5657, an Ontario court confirmed that it is possible to draft contracts that allow employers to “claw back” compensation owed or paid to employees if an employee resigns from their employment. The court also provided guidance on how to prevent such clauses from being…

Avoiding Probate

Probate is a commonly used term for a process of formally proving someone’s Will and appointing an executor of the estate by the court. The last Will is always valid even without a probate if it meets basic legal requirements, the probate is  a legal process in which a court formally issues a certificate and…