Private Arbitration – A Solution to Courthouse Gridlock?

Private Arbitration – A Solution to Courthouse Gridlock? The recent outbreak of COVID-19 is forcing the Ontario court system to evolve in order to maintain access to justice. Unfortunately, the Ontario courts remain significantly backlogged and while some hearings have resumed, most trials are still being adjourned and many civil matters will likely take even…

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Construction Lien Deadlines Back in Place

Construction Lien Deadlines Back in Place Effective March 16, 2020 the government of Ontario suspended the application of limitation periods (the time period by which certain court actions must be started).  As such, the time within which a party needed to preserve or perfect a construction lien was also presumed to have been suspended.  The…

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Rent Relief and the Difficult Landlord

Rent Relief and the Difficult Landlord As most commercial landlords and tenants are now aware, the federal government has announced the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA) program. CECRA provides forgivable loans to qualified commercial landlords that offer at least a 75% rent reduction for the months of April, May, and June for impacted small…

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Employment Law Answers About COVID 19

employment law

The recent global pandemic has left both employers and employees in a state of confusion when it comes to employment law. Fortunately, there are employment lawyers available who can help to ease some of the confusion. An employment lawyer Ottawa business owners can rely on for the right answers is available to help you navigate…

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When Should You Start Estate Planning?

estate planning lawyer

When Should You Start Estate Planning? Per’s survey in 2020, nearly 30% of people believe that a will should be put in place before 35 years of age. People tend to spend more time planning outings and vacations than how their assets will be handled once they are gone. Estate planning may not be…

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7 Mistakes People Make After an Accident

Personal injury lawyers

If you’re like a lot of victims who are injured in accidents, you probably aren’t entirely sure what you should do next. Whether an injury was caused by a car accident, medical procedure, dog bite, or something else, many victims make the same mistakes afterward. Here’s what they are and how you can avoid them.…

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Compelling Reasons Why You May Need a Business Lawyer

kanata ON business lawyer

Businesses are expected to follow the myriad laws set by the authorities. Therefore, whether small or big, businesses need an Lawyer to ensure they function properly and are compliant with the set laws. Issues such as property purchases and preparing taxes require legal help. Disputes and litigation require law expertise to prevent serious consequences, as…

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5 Tips To Prevent Winter Car Accidents

winter car accident injury lawyer

Now that it’s the middle of winter, you’ve probably gotten the hang of driving in the snow again. However, there are nearly 157,000 traffic accidents each year due to snow and ice-covered roadways. Nearly 117,000 of those accidents cause injuries. Oftentimes, accidents in the winter happen no matter how cautious you are. There are some…

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When to Call a Car Accident Lawyer

when to call an accident lawyer

You may think that calling a car accident Lawyer is only necessary if you’ve been injured in an automobile accident, but that’s not true. Even if no one is physically hurt — or you don’t believe you’re physically hurt immediately following an accident — you should always call a personal injury Lawyer. There are many…

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