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An article on CBC’s website reports that complaints are up significantly this year with respect to banking and investment.  As Business Lawyers, Ottawa based, we at  Connolly Nichols Allan & Snelling LLP view this article as confirming what we have experienced in the past year:  Many people are suffering financial injuries owing to the conduct of  Financial Advisors, Mutual Fund Dealers and Insurance Advisors.   As Ottawa Business Lawyers we have experience representing people who have suffered losses owing to misconduct on the part of advisors such as these.  All such advisors are licensed, and are subject to statutory regulation.  When an advisor’s conduct falls short of the lawfully required standards, the client’s in question can seek an appropriate remedy including financial compensation.

If you have suffered a significant financial loss owing to the purchase of financial products or securities which were not appropriate, it is advisable to seek the advice of an experienced business Lawyer.  Ottawa residents, as well as people living in the greater Ottawa Valley and Eastern Ontario are welcome to contact Connolly Nichols Allan & Snelling LLP for a free consultation to help them determine how best to assert their rights.

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